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Identity - The enabler of the cloud?

by Bendik Berntsen | 2017-10-20

The cloud computing market is expected to grow from $67B in 2015 to $162B by 2020. This is hardly a surprise, as more and more services are being offered via the cloud and consumers are taking full advantage of this as t [...]

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Ola Risheim | 2017-10-18

Travel Letter From Microsoft Envision 2017

Microsoft Envision is a conference for management to understand how technology will be the driver for innovation and changes in the day to d [...]

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Niklas Jern | 2017-10-06

Brace yourself, Modern Client Management is Coming!

Winter is coming, as the warmth from Microsoft Ignite has come to an end. For those who attended - what a week it has been! For someone like [...]

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Boaz Lev | 2017-09-27

DevOps: The Happy Marriage Of Development & Operations Through Common SLAs

Digitalization of the global business world has introduced powerful modern technologies like artificial intelligence; predictive analytics; [...]

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Salla Tähtinen | 2017-09-20

Innofactor involved in a new ecosystem of digital health innovations

  The demand for digital and artificial intelligence-based health solutions is growing globally. CleverHealth Network, a new ecosystem coord [...]

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ERP projects
Jaana Nylund | 2017-09-04

Taking ERP Into The Cloud – 7 Hints From a Project Manager

http://info.innofactor.dk/download-the-cloud-journeyInnofactor implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Cloud Platform for critical [...]

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Salla Tähtinen | 2017-08-30

Finnish Red Cross selects Innofactor as the developer of its “Vapaaehtoisten ...

The Finnish Red Cross has selected Innofactor as the developer of its “Vapaaehtoisten tietojärjestelmä” -solution in a public tendering proc [...]

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Salla Tähtinen | 2017-08-30

Innofactor helps Mitsubishi Motors to improve customers’ car ownership ...

Mitsubishi Motors chooses Innofactor to implement its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online based customer relationship management solution. This al [...]

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Salla Tähtinen | 2017-08-21

Signode Industrial Group chooses Innofactor for a new innovative solution for ...

Innofactor has been entrusted with creating a new and innovative solution for field service and mobile work orders for Signode Industrial Gr [...]

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Salla Tähtinen | 2017-08-01

Innofactor Plc's Half-Yearly Report, January 1–June 30, 2017 (IFRS)

The first half of the year was passable—we expect to have a strong second half of the year January–June 2017 in brief: The net sales were ap [...]

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